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ZMan's Blog: By the Numbers

By Cleveland Charge Staff /April 25, 2023

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel with a professional sports team? Day after day, game after game? Sounds fun, and it certainly is but, it does have its challenges.

“Wait, what city are we in?” “What is my room number?” “What time does the bus leave for practice?” After a while, you slowly begin to lose track of things. But fear not! I kept track of everything for you in this edition of “all things travel by the numbers” for the 2022/2023 Charge season.

(And yes, I did the math for you…)

So, without further delay, I bring you THE CLEVELAND CHARGE SEASON RECAP BY THE NUMBERS! Drum roll please…

148 Days of the season
52 Games played (including playoffs)
31 Wins
10 Number of made 3’s by Sam Merrill, a franchise record, 2/22/23 at Greensboro
43 Points by Sharife Cooper on 1/8/23 at Ft. Wayne
20 Rebounds by Jamorko Pickett on 11/10/22 at Wisconsin
12 Team high double-doubles by Isaiah Mobley this season
11 Games on Wednesday, the most of any day of the week
3 Times I was called “Dr.” (nice suit, carrying a bag, look important…yeah, I could pass for a Dr…)
16 Different cities the Charge played in
51 Nights in a hotel (seemed like a whole lot more…)
8,931 Total sum of my hotel room numbers combined
123 Bus rides (to the airport, to the arena, to the hotel, to the players apartments… lots of bus rides, lots and lots of bus rides)
35 Boarding passes
20,337 Total miles traveled (give or take a 1/10th of a mile)
2 Playoff games
1 Fantastic season!